Capturing the Magic of Maternity: A Winter Photoshoot Adventure in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

As a photographer based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I am constantly inspired by the natural beauty of this region. So when my friends Will and Corrinne asked me to photograph their winter maternity shoot, I jumped at the chance.

Winter Maternity Shoot for Will + Corrinne

I was over the moon when Corrinne and Will told me they were expecting their first child. To make it even better, they were up for a winter shoot in the UP, which allowed us to capture their glowing gratitude in the raw beauty of Michigan’s nature.

The Upper Peninsula is undoubtedly one of Michigan’s most picturesque regions. We chose to shoot at the Michigan Tech Ski Trails with its tall pine trees and pristine lake-effect snow. For our second location, we opted for charming downtown Houghton, with its historic backdrops, cute coffee shops, and stores.

To truly understand the allure of the UP, you need to experience it for yourself. The untamed landscapes, outdoor recreation opportunities, and unique culture all contribute to the region’s charm — many forge a connection with this place and love to have their photos taken in their favorite locations.

The shoot occurred on a chilly winter day in February, but we were greeted with little glimpses of the sun. We started at the Michigan Tech Trails, which offered stunning snow-covered red pines. Will and Corrinne were champions, having come prepared to walk through the snow drifts to have their photos taken in one of their favorite recreation spots. We had fun experimenting with different poses showcasing their love for each other and their excitement of welcoming their first child into the world.

The second phase of the shoot was at the Houghton waterfront, where we captured a few more poses next to the Portage Library, where the city had strung cute lights across the pathway. This made another little fun spot to capture their love and excitement.

As a photographer with a penchant for shooting outdoors, I love incorporating my sense of fun and adventure into every shoot. We had to brave the cold weather for this shoot, and Corrinne and Will were more than game. Capturing this momentous occasion in their favorite locations was incredible. The best part of the shoot was seeing the happiness and joy on Will and Corrinne’s faces, which made every moment worth it.

Timing Your Maternity Session

The best time for a maternity photoshoot is 30-36 weeks into the pregnancy. This is when mom’s belly is beautifully rounded and visible. However, the mom-to-be is still (reasonably) comfortable enough to move around and pose. For this shoot, Corrinne was in her 36th week, which was perfect for capturing the essence of motherhood.

Maternity shoots serve as beautiful reminders of a unique time in your life when a little life was nurtured. It’s the perfect time to reflect on your remarkable journey and celebrate the incredible gift of life.

To prepare, expecting mothers should choose a dress that they feel comfortable in but also makes them feel beautiful. Plus, feel free to bring props, baby shoes, or toys to add a personal touch to the pictures.

These moments are magical and deserve to be captured and cherished forever. My winter maternity shoot with Will and Corrinne was a wonderful time; the captured moments remind us of the love and warmth that surrounded us that day.

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